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        From Public Data to Responsible A.I.(從公共數據到人工智能)

        發布時間:2019-07-01 13:35:32 發布人:楊玲  審核人:李天鎮

        講座題目:“From Public Data to Responsible A.I. ”“從公共數據到人工智能”

        講 座 人:麻省理工學院(MIT)媒體實驗室Cesar A. Hidalgo教授

        時    間:7月1日(周一)14:00

        地    點:綜合樓 926會議室

        聯 系 人:張馨木,3893。



        Cesar A. Hidalgo教授簡介

        Director, Collective Learning Group

        Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory - USA

        August 2010 - Present

        Director of the Collective Learning group at MIT and Co-Founder of Datawheel. Bachelor's in Physics, Universidad Catolica de Chile; PhD in Physics, University of Notre Dame. Author of “Why Information Grows”, which has been translated to over 10 languages. Academic work has been cited over 12,000 times. Creator of several data integration and distribution platforms that receive millions of monthly views, including datausa.io datachile.io and dataafrica.io, among others.